CWS can provide  you with exceptional performing UV sensors.  Our Sensor Heads do not normally degrade with time.  CWS Sensors have been in continuous service for over 20 years and show less than 5% change from original calibration. Adapters now available.

C-Series - Wet Face

The C Series Sensor head is a wet face assembly and will withstand static pressures to 145 psi.  It is designed for direct water interface.  The body is 1.45 cm long and 1.95 cm diameter.  The sensor is normally provided with 12" dual lead and  molex connector.  The body constructed from 316 stainless steel.  Applications range from low, medium, and high pressure.


CR-Series - Dry Face

The CR Series sensor head is a dry face sensor.  This allows for removal of sensor without draining the tank.  The sensor is normally provided with a 12" dual lead and molex connector.  The body is constructed from our special proprietary plastic to allow for low and high pressure application.


C-MHP Series - Wet Face

The C-MPH series is a wet head sensor.  The sensor is housed in a PVC threaded fitting.  Applications are low pressure only.

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