CWS can offer you the broadest range of UV sensors, monitor and control electronics. These systems are designed to operate with standard low-pressure UV lamps, High Output low-pressure UV lamps or Medium pressure lamps. The Sensors are stable and will operate for many years without the need for recalibration .
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UV Sensors

We have a wide range of UV sensors, complete for your application.  Our sensors are available with Stainless Steel, PVC, and Proprietary Plastic.
  • C-Series Wet Face
  • CR-Series - Dry Face
  • C-MHP Series - Wet Face
  • S-Series - Submersibles
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  • Hand Held Meters

    Our Hand held meters are the ideal solution for measuring UV levels on the go.  Each meter is fully enclosed and portable.  Get yours today.


    1 to 24 meter systems Coming Soon...Call for Info.
    Monitor and Control Electronics
  • C-Series
  • CR-Series